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Heating Your Home For Less

As the crisp fall air slowly creeps in, many homeowners begin to dread their soon-to-be-rising energy bills. Heating your home can be extremely costly in Michigan when temperatures outside drop below freezing. Fortunately, following just a few of the tips below might help you keep your house warm — and your heating bills low — this winter.

1. Keep Your Temperature Steady

When your thermostat changes constantly, it forces your furnace to work overtime. The additional workload requires excess energy — which costs more and puts you at a higher risk for furnace breakdowns. Lowering your thermostat at night saves money but should only be done by a few degrees.

2. Switch To A Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat

Thermostats can now be changed anywhere and anytime. Changing your home temperature using smart thermostats improves energy efficiency — especially when you are away from home. Whether you are gone for the day, or for the month, you can ensure the temperature remains right where you want it throughout the day.

3. Changing Filters

As the filter in your furnace ages, excess dirt and dust collect on the surface. This forces your heating unit to work even harder to filter out the grime. Using more gas and costing you more money each month. For the best results, change your filters every three to four months.

4. Annual Check-Ups

The most important part of keeping your bills low is getting your unit checked annually. Keeping your unit up to date and maintained will not only guarantee it is working efficiently but ensure there are no leaks.

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