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Signs of a Broken Heater

In the frigid cold of winter in Michigan, few things rank higher in importance than the functionality of the heating system in your home or office. When your heater stops working, hours of discomfort easily turn into days of chilly frustration and lost workflow. This is why it’s important to know the warning signs of a broken heater.

The obvious first sign of a problem — your home or office feels cold. Although this seems like an obvious sign, it does not necessarily mean your heater is broken. A lack of heat may be the result of a power surge; so make sure to check your circuit breaker before calling for heater repair.

Rising heating costs

Higher than normal gas or electric bills unrelated to lower than normal temperatures indicate a potential problem. If you have higher power bills despite not using more heat than usual, check to see if your heater sounds like it is working harder than normal. When a heater nears the breaking point — it may use up more power to compensate. If this is the case with your heater, plan to repair your heater as soon as possible before incurring even more costs.

Another sign of a damaged heating system: loud and unusual noises coming from your heater. A system within its normal lifespan range should remain relatively noise free. There are several strange noises that indicate an issue. A deep rumble in your boiler is a sign of overheating. A clunking noise hints at a broken fan belt. The most serious noise to listen for is a clicking sound, which may indicate a crack in the heat exchanger. If this is the case, please call us immediately as it may be lead to a dangerous gas leak.

Water pooling around your heater hints at a water leak. These leaks tends to be caused by a clogged condensation line and should be examined by a professional HVAC technician. A water leak, however, is much less dangerous than a gas leak. If you smell gas, shut down your heater immediately. If you can locate the gas supply valve, turn it off. Call a professional as soon as possible and do not turn on any lights in your home or try to light a fire.

Finally, if the heat in your home or office isn’t as warm as it should be, or the temperature fluctuates for no good reason, it may be a problem with of the components of your heater. Contact a professional as these components tend to be very complex.

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