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Reasons To Own An In-Home Generator

In today’s digital age, we tend to forget how much we depend on electricity — until a storm hits and we lose power. When your neighbors are roughing it with no electricity, your home generator will keep things running like normal.

Power outages occur during storms year round when trees, wind, snow or ice disrupt power lines — often leaving thousands without electricity for lighting, heat, air conditioning, refrigerators and electronic devices. If power outages last hours or even days, not having a home generator presents an issue for the comfort and safety of your home.

Owning an in-home generator offers many benefits, including:

  1. General Household Power: You need power for lighting, electronic devices and other general household items. Without a home generator, you may find yourself lighting candles or without access to your daily household items. Investing in a home generator gives you the security of another option to run your home.
  2. Refrigeration Back-Up: When the power goes out, your refrigerator stops working, leaving the food inside vulnerable to higher temperatures. When the food isn’t kept cool, you may lose all of the food in your fridge. However, with a home generator you ensure that your food is protected.
  3. Sump Pump Security: You may have a sump pump in your home responsible for stopping basement flooding during storms. However, during a power outage caused by a storm, your sump pump will not work when it needs to. Install a home generator to ensure your sump pump works when necessary.
  4. Medical Machinery Safety: Medical machinery that you or a loved one may need for health reasons runs on electricity. With a home generator, you reduce the risk of this machinery being unusable due to a power outage.
  5. Home Business Efficiency: When you work from home or run your business from home, you need the extra security of a home generator. Running a business takes power for computers and other devices, and it will cost you money if you lose power and don’t have back-up.

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