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Making Your Home More Comfortable

You probably want your home — the place you spend the most time — to be comfortable and relaxing as possible. However, many homes experience uncomfortable temperature swings, with hot and cold spots throughout the house irritating you and your family. A consistently cozy house with zero temperature swings sounds far fetched, but solutions do exist that make your home more comfortable.

First, check your air ducts for leaks and other problems. Typically caused by poor insulation, leaky ducts reduce your system’s efficiency by up to 20%, resulting in unstable humidity levels and poor air quality. For a room that no one utilizes, seal the vents to that room to allow the air to flow directly to the rooms desired. Proper zoning of the airflow circulates heat where it matters most.

When checking your duct system, start with the furnace and and look for small levers on the side of the ducts outward. These levers handle the dampers, and when fully open they allow maximum airflow. A handle between horizontal and vertical indicates a damper reducing airflow.

Keeping the fan on at all times helps to circulate the air even after the heating cycle. Setting your fan to auto saves around $5 a month, but leaves the air stagnate and imbalanced. When left on, the fan continuously blows warm air into every room of your home

Insulate To Maintain Heat

Insulate every room of the house, even if you do not regularly visit a certain room. Heat rises, so if your house has an attic, heavily insulate it to prevent heat from escaping your home. In the Michigan winter, insulate your windows to prevent heat from escaping your home. Window insulation film supplies a cost-effective way to maintain warmth.

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